The WORLD Mold

World Mold

What is the WORLD Mold? The WORLD MOLD is a system consisting of a flat polishes mirror plate, a very small mold plate, and a larger base that stays in the molding machine. All molds are made of 420 Stainless steel for productivity and longevity. The mirror plate and mold cavities are polished to an SPI A3 diamond finish. The novel ejector system is half in the insert mold and half in the base. All mold plates and mirror plates come with soft touch rubber lift handle for comfort and safety. A T handle offers a quick release and lock of molds. The base is made of 4130 prehardened steel. The system is customized for your molding machine with your particular mounting hole locations, locating ring, knock-out holes, and sprue size.

    The development of the WORLD MOLD was based on very simple parameters. These include:
  1. The mold must be flexible enough to handle almost any size test specimen or family of specimens.
  2. The mold must be an integrated system that will comply with all current standards while being ready for unified global standards in the near future.
  3. The mold must be easy and safe to change by hand, including automatic-connect water lines.
  4. The customer must be able to purchase and add to the system economically.
  5. The mold must be of the highest quality possible to ensure a long, productive life.

The WORLD MOLD has exceeded our design parameters and has proven to be a great product for our customers. It is particularly well suited for companies whose markets are global and need to test to ISO and other standards.

All Molds are 100% tested with our plastic or you can have a pretest by providing your plastic blend.

We have a full line of standard ISO and ASTM molds but the system could be fully customized for virtually any test specimen or appearance plaque needed.

This is the finest Test Specimen preparation mold you can buy. We will put the WORLD in your grip!

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Used in: Tensile Testing Equipment and Specimen, ASTM Test Specimen, ISO Test Specimen, Test Specimen, Color Plaque, Tensile Bar, ASTM D638, ISO Mold, ISO Mould, ISO 294, and more.