Test Specimen Molding Service

Test Specimen Molding Service example

Over the last 30 years, Master Precision Test Specimen has built molds for nearly every form of test specimen, sample submission plaque, and customer sample. We now see the need for our customers, in some cases, to rely on us to provide the parts also. If we have the mold in stock, having us prepare the parts saves the up front capital cost of both machine and mold. This service actually generates more profit by reducing the investment to develop a plastic as well as speeding the time to market.

No need to worry about control of process because our molding lab is compliant to ISO 294. Your project will be handled with complete confidentiality. You will also receive a complete report of the process and environmental parameters. We can provide you any number of parts that you need both economically and fast so you can utilize your capital budget for other investments.

  • ISO 294 Compliant
  • Confidential
  • Complete Documentation
  • Clean , ISO 9001 facility
Test Specimen Molding example

Preparation Methods

Injection Molded Specimen (ASTM D3641, ISO 294, and ISO 10724-1, Plaques): MPTS provides a wide range of ASTM, ISO, and sample submission specimens from our portfolio of molds built by us to conform to various specifications. Molding conditions are tightly controlled to meet manufacturers or testing agency guidelines. We mold the specimen in house on MP lab equipment and furnish a complete report with lot traceability. Please call for a feasibility study on your project.