Integrated Molding Cell

Integrated Molding Machine

The new Vh-40TS is a complete ISO 294 lab. Our mission is to provide a complete, economical system comprised of a very high quality injection molding machine that comes with several Test Specimen Molds, critical process data collection equipment, and is extremely easy to use. A process technician is not required to run this machine. The key to the system is that it comes with the machine control preprogrammed with the correct process for each mold you choose. We have made this package sophisticated enough for multinational testing labs and economical enough for the very smallest compounder needing to make test specimen for internal use. It’s a solid package for under $80,000.

Downloads Documents:
PDF Vh-40TS Control System
PDF Vh-40TS Machine Specifications

    System Features:
  • 44-Ton injection molding machine
  • A selection ASTM/ISO of TS Molds
  • Process Data Collection ability
  • Preprogrammed Controls - Simple
  • Training at your facility
  • Small foot print - perfect for lab
  • Full support and service
Integrated Molding Operation

We partnered with Fortune International, Inc. injection molding machines because they build and service their machines in a world class way. The machines are built like tanks and are extremely accurate. They have designed a machine that is a high quality product without an over engineered price tag. This machine is perfect for molding millions of test specimen and appearance plaques. We will build a package of standard ISO or ASTM molds for your system. Depending on the package, you may choose the WORLD MOLD® or Insert/Frame molds. We take great pride in the quality of the Test Specimen that comes from our molds. The most minor imperfections can affect the data generated in the final specimen test. The quality of the mold is truly that important. The VH-40TS is a system that will become the most versatile and cost effective piece of equipment in your operation. Corporate hand-me-downs come with more trouble and hidden costs than they are worth. In fact, while making Test Specimen you will never use most of the features of the latest German hot rod injection machine to justify the investment. With the Vh-40TS there is finally a perfect solution from a company that takes your Test Specimen very seriously. Please call for a feasibility study on your project.

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