Injection Molds

Injection Mold

Early involvement in the material testing field has given us a valuable expertise in the strict quality needs and processing demands of Test Specimen molds. We have worked extensively with material manufacturers and compounders to develop a line of standard specimen molds. R&D facilities, quality control departments, and educational institutions use our molds as a standard throughout the plastics world.

Dedicated Mold Base

An economical way to start producing a test specimen.

  • The mold is dedicated to that one specimen.
  • Changing the mold is not difficult. It requires a hoist and takes slightly longer than other two mold styles.
  • Mold Base Test Specimen Molds are built to same high standard as all Master Precision Molds.
  • We can build any standard or custom configuration in a mold base.
  • If having different types of specimen or easy mold changes are not as important as cost, a mold base is the perfect solution.

Used in: Tensile Testing Equipment and Specimen, ASTM Test Specimen, ISO Test Specimen, Test Specimen, Color Plaque, Tensile Bar, ASTM D638, ISO Mold, ISO Mould, ISO 294, and more.