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Why Master Precision Test Specimen?

  • World Class Quality- ISO 9001-2000
  • Solution Provider
  • Broad Range of Services
  • EXPERT in Test Specimen Molding Due to the complexity of test specimen material testing, it is often overlooked. Master Precision Test Specimen (MPTS) has earned a reputation as the "go to" people in the field with four decades of experience.

Early on in our history the quality of our mold making lent itself well to the strict requirements of scientific testing machinery. Master Precision strategically developed an expertise in Test Specimen Mold building field. We are the largest builder of test specimen molds in North America. Our mold systems are shipped all over the world. Among the various test specimen required by our clients are color plaques, tensile bars, and specimen specific to the ASTM D638 standard and ISO 294 standard. Historically these molds have been called simply an ASTM mold or ISO mold (ISO Mould). If you require an ASTM Test Specimen, ISO Test Specimen or another other appearance or testing specimen please look at the PDF downloads at the upper right of this page. In these documents you can study the details of the specimen and the molds that produce them.

    We can provide:
  • Special configuration molds
  • Complete integrated injection molding cell
  • Or we can mold specimens for you in our lab

Any budget; any type of project; any test specimen can be managed by Master Precision Test Specimen. All of this is provided in a enjoyable, professional manner by our knowledgeable staff. ISO 9001 quality system ensures tight control of our processes. The end product is world class and is provided to you quickly and cost effectively. We invite your inquiries.