Mold Technology

Molding Technology

Why Master Precision Mold Technology?

  • World Class Quality
  • Commitment to your project success for life of mold
  • Champion of Lean, efficient, low-cost manufacturing
  • Expert in Multi-Material molds

Master Precision Mold Technology (MPMT) is an industry leader in building difficult and close tolerance molds in North America. Our product quality is unsurpassed. You know that when an MPMT mold hits your production floor it has been fully tested and is ready to make production level parts.


People drive technology and in an industry marked by technological advancements, MPMT’s greatest asset is its experienced, knowledgeable staff. Journeymen mold makers with over 20 years of experience lead every department. This leadership combined with our knowledge and expertise, from tool design to the tryout technician, results in the finest quality mold available worldwide. Our procedures make the difference, including our ISO 9001-2000 quality procedure, which reviews every step of the process to ensure standards are met.

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