Why Master Precision Global?

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US companies are facing increased demands from their customers, shareholders, lenders and other stakeholders to improve profits while overall selling prices are being reduced. Many of these companies have started outsourcing processes so that their corporate focus can remain on core competencies. Outsourcing often is the competitive advantage that is needed to remain profitable in this world of global competition. Master Precision Global will provide you with the injection molds that cost approximately 30% less than domestic suppliers. With other companies this cost savings comes with a risk that you will not get the mold that you thought you would get. Wrong design, poor quality materials, and poor workmanship. We call this getting burned, and the cost savings are never worth it.

With Master Precision Global you are buying your molds from a Greenville, Michigan, USA company that does business under American laws. All products that we ship are processed under the umbrella of our ISO 9001 quality system. All molds are supported and serviced locally by extremely qualified engineers and mold makers.

Experience is what you want from any injection mold supplier. At Master Precision Mold Technology we design, build, sample, and run the very highest quality molds, including sophisticated automatic two shot molds. We know Precision. Our ISO 9001 quality system helps us manage the entire tool build process with the excellence and success that our customers demand. Our Global tooling is built under the same system. We have only the best manufacturing sources that have been through our rigorous on site quality audits. They provide us with molds built exactly the way we say it will be done. You will not be surprised by the molds that we deliver from overseas. Once you have taken possession of the first mold you will insist on having us manage all of your injection molds.

Benefits of using Master Precision Global are:
  • Lower total tooling costs, typically 30% less than domestic sourcing.
  • Reduced travel and overhead costs.
  • Minimize resources required to manage the project.
  • Use of pre-qualified, audited suppliers with capabilities to produce quality molds.
  • Faster delivery.
  • Experienced mold builders managing your project.