Our Foreign Sources

MPG Foreign Source example MPG Foreign Source example MPG Foreign Source example

We are constantly developing sources all around the globe. The areas where we focus are obviously where labor is inexpensive compared to North American standards. This is the easy part. Now we try to find where there are shops that can produce a quality mold that would meet American standards. That is difficult. It takes a great deal of work to research references and complete on site audits. It also takes investment on our part. We have searched Portugal, Hungary, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, China, Canada, Russia, India, Australia, and other countries for the companies that we choose.Although many of our sources are ISO 9001 certified, each one must pass our quality and system audit. This twelve-page audit is performed in the potential suppliers facility. The audit is scored and the company must meet a minimum level to be considered. The audit examines but is not limited to the following:

  • Financial and credit history
  • Customer references
  • Tooling component suppliers
  • Technical capabilities
  • Quality system
  • Outsource partners
  • Sales and project management resources
  • Tool design and CAD/CAM
  • Equipment
  • Communication proficiency and technology
  • Analysis of experience in critical products
  • Physical inspection of facility and treatment of employees

Our on site inspection is critical to the success of our Global service. Our suppliers, like us, want long-term relationships with their customers. They are forward thinking and have an American sense of customer satisfaction. The directions we provide give them the ability to be successful in a market that would be difficult to enter without us.