Getting a Quotation

Contact us for file format questions or a password for our FTP site. Or send three complete copies or prints for parts that you need molds for. The larger the package of tools, the better the prices out of Asia. You can still get a 30% savings on delivered tools for even one mold. Contact Global Sales at (616) 754-5483 or for getting quotes or questions answered.

It is our goal to provide you a quote within 48 hours. In order to achieve this we will need as much of the following as possible:

Zipped CAD file, in one of the following formats:

  • IGES(.igs)
  • AutoCad 12 or 14(.dwg, .dxf, .igs)
  • . Step
  • DelCam (.ddx, .igs, .ige, .stl)
  • Others can be available – please call

Part Information:

  • Part name, number, and revision level
  • Estimated annual usage
  • Product life
  • Part material
  • Texture requirements
  • Function of part

Tool Information:

  • Number of cavities
  • Lead time needed (if known)
  • Tooling specifications needed
  • Cost targets (if known)
  • Desired machine size
  • Manifold source (if known)
  • Transferring Data

We prefer to work with electronic files. Email them or transfer then via our FTP site. If needed forward your FTP information to us for file retrieval. You can also fax prints to (616) 754-6482.