Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to provide a quotation? How long is it good for?
A. Quotations are typically given two to three days from receipt of request and can be provided sooner if requested. We suggest all requests for quotation be submitted with a date needed. Quotations are valid for 30 days.
Q. When do you consider your quoted delivery to start?
A. Deliveries are considered to begin upon receipt of purchase order, down payment and approved preliminary mold layout. This approval is possible from review of a mold concept drawing that can be made available on request soon after quote stage of project.
Q. How many times do you test a mold?
A. A typical mold will undergo two or three tests. The first test is made when full part geometry is achieved. At this point the mold may run with limited cooling, venting and would most likely not have final polish. A second test is made after comments to parts from the first test are received. This test is done with any changes or corrections that may be required. For this test the mold would have cooling, venting and final polish. Often, review of parts from the second test lead to the approval to proceed with special texture. A final test would be done after texture is applied.
Q. How long is each test? How many parts are produced at each test? How many parts will I receive? How long does it take for me to receive these parts?
A. Traditionally the first is a short test, as the mold is being mechanically reviewed and it is likely that some of the components are not with the required treatments. For the remaining tests we try to achieve process stability, and run for an appropriate amount of cycles necessary to prove function and repetitiveness for production. Unless otherwise specified we normally supply about five shots of the tool for evaluation. A run of any length can be arranged.
Q. Can a mold be tested in your facility in Greenville, Michigan?
A. Yes, if it is desired to have additional testing in the U.S. we can arrange it in our shop.
Q. For molds built over seas, is it possible to run production of parts before the mold is shipped to the states?
A. Yes, we will quote you a production cost for such service and handle all the shipping as well.
Q. Do you have a warranty on the molds you supply?
A. Master Precision warrants materials and workmanship on molds shipped to the molders assuming proper care, maintenance and attention after delivery. Our warranty is backed by our supplier; therefore if a special item is needed pertaining to warranty it will need to be discussed before the mold kick off.
Q. Are trips to manufacturing location required during the mold build process?
A. No, trips are not required. We are here to take care of the mold build. However, if you wish to review the progress the best time to visit is at the second mold test.
Q. Who is responsible for the mold design and engineering?
A. Master Precision is responsible for the design. We will provide you will all designs for your approval.
Q. Do you provide progress reports during manufacturing?
A. Yes, you will be provided with progress reports once a week along with digital photos if required.
Q. How do you ensure that I will get the materials that I am expecting?
A. In the past getting what you request has been a problem. We have investigated the suppliers to the point that those we use have very good systems in place to ensure materials. You will be provided with Steel certification from the steel manufacturers, who are from Europe, United States, or Japan. All components follow US Standards.
Q. How are Engineering Changes handled?
A. EC’s requested prior to and after first test of mold are quoted for price and effect on delivery. Work begins when approval to proceed is received with supporting drawing and purchase order documentation. Engineering changes received after the first test would likely cause an acceleration of remaining payments on the mold leaving the cost of changes outstanding. Terms of payment for engineering changes are due upon presentation of parts with changes made.
Q. Is a first article inspection report included with first samples?
A. No. On request, dimensional inspections of the mold can be provided. We would recommend inspections be made only after second test, when molds can be fully operational.
Q. Are your terms flexible?
A. We quote standard terms, but we would entertain requests for changes to our terms on a project-by-project basis. hello world