Master Precision Global

What Master Precision Global Can Do for You:
Master Precision Global operations
  • SAVE you money : Reduced investment = Increased Profit
  • Increase SPEED to market
  • Absorb risk of dealing with low cost countries
  • WARRANTY and fully support molds
  • Supply complete products JIT to USA

Master Precision Global has been established by Master Precision Mold Technology to assist companies in reducing their development costs by providing quality tooling built overseas at a substantially reduced price. Master Precision has a long history of designing and building some of the highest quality injection molds in the world. Our technical expertise in part design, mold building and processing has made our company well known in the difficult field of two-shot injection molding. The systematic attention to the details of the mold-build process ensures the quality of our molds. That same detail-oriented system allows us to provide customers with a safe way to reach the value of manufacturing molds in a foreign land. In some cases, cheaper foreign molds are not the same high quality as their domestic counterparts. It is a fact of business that in some instances cost overrides quality to achieve project goals. Therefore, having quality tools made over seas can be a satisfying solution.

Master Precision Global overseas

We have gone through an exhaustive worldwide search for mold suppliers that best fit our high quality standards. They all have scored well on a major supplier survey, conducted on-site by Master Precision management. They execute our directions to the level that we feel confident putting our name on the mold just like it was built in our shop in Greenville, Michigan.

We treat our Global molds just like any other mold that we produce. We will do the maintenance, engineering changes and any other service that is needed to keep our customer in production and confident to buy from us again.

We also treat customers and potential customers with the respect that they deserve and inform them when their project is not right for our Global service. Success in building molds over seas depends greatly on the part design, quality standards, lead time, and even the customer. Your success and our reputation as a high quality supplier are much more important than a single transaction. We have customers that have been with us for over thirty years and we are extremely proud of that.

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