Fractional Tooling

For our molding customers we offer an exclusive service. We have developed an innovative tooling scenario. We own the Two-Shot base and the customer owns the insert that goes into the base. It may seem basic but it becomes very tricky when it come to Two-Shot molds. This tooling can cut the overall tooling cost by 50% or more and speed the development time by many weeks. Overall this could be a fantastic solution for a project that needs the price of automatic Two-Shot parts but has a difficult time justifying the capital investment of tooling.

From small-volume prototype runs to medium Fractional Tooling jobs to high-volume part runs, Master Precision Custom Molding will first and foremost be the finest engineering and program management source available. Our finished molded products are free of defects, on time, and priced to improve your bottom line. Please call for a feasibility study on your project.