The people of Master Precision have been involved in the plastic molding industry for over forty years. We started in the engineering and mold building area and have added many specialty services through the years. We are now a full service provider of solutions for the injection molding and resin manufacturing industries. We have steadily grown and been successful in an increasingly complex and challenging business climate.

Master Precision has strategically developed an expertise in Test Specimen Mold building. We are the largest builder of test specimen molds in North America. Our mold systems are shipped all over the world. Among the various test specimen required by our clients are color plaques, tensile bars, and specimen specific to the ASTM D638 standard and ISO 294 standard. Historically these molds have been called simply the ASTM mold or ISO mold (or ISO Mould). If you require an ASTM Test Specimen, ISO Test Specimen or another other appearance or testing specimen please click through to our Master Precision Test Specimen business unit below.

Our corporate office and main manufacturing facility is in Greenville, Michigan. The work ethic and high quality craftsmanship from our local Danish heritage is the cornerstone of our success. The quality of our products is never compromised and our commitment to customer is unsurpassed. When you succeed, we succeed.

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